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Dual Panel Wall System

  • Hides your wiring!
  • Quick and easy assembly saving you time and money!
  • Never needs painting!
  • No dents and dings!
  • No fading from UV light!

Modular Tan Salon Walls for Salons in Atlanta, the Southeast & Across the Country

For your tanning salon, modular tan salon walls aren’t a casual expenditure. They are, in fact, a vital component of your business. What modular walls do is give you the freedom to configure your salon any way you like, and hopefully optimize your use of the space. At Artisan Salon Interiors, we provide modular wall systems to tanning salons throughout the USA. And not just any modular walls – but walls that are manufactured using some of the most innovative panel-processing machinery. Available in colors such as White, Almond, Caramel, Chocolate Cherry, and Cordoba Pine, our walls are built out of 3/4-inch melamine and are largely maintenance free. There is a 3-inch gap in between the front and back panels that will allow you to hide unsightly wiring and “flush mount” objects such as speakers, timers, and dispensers. These walls are also built to shorter heights, which means they will help promote better air flow throughout your salon. Plus, the modular walls that you buy from Artisan Salon Interiors can easily be moved and/or reconfigured for if and when your business grows.

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