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Dual Panel Wall System

  • Hides your wiring!
  • Quick and easy assembly saving you time and money!
  • Never needs painting!
  • No dents and dings!
  • No fading from UV light!

Salon Walls for Atlanta, the East Cost & Other Cities Nationwide

At Artisan Salon Interiors, our salon walls are a cost-effective option for tanning salon owners in Atlanta and other cities nationwide. Whether you are opening a tanning salon for the very first time or have been in the business for many years, the walls, doors, vanities, and retail displays that you use will be a major factor in your salon’s success. Fortunately, Artisan Salon Interiors offers tanning salon walls that make it easy to configure your salon any way you like. The tanning walls that we design, build, and install are made out of 3/4-inch melamine, a highly durable and easy-to-clean building material. There is a 3-inch gap in between the front and back panels for the ease of concealing wiring, and the walls are built to shorter heights to facilitate better ventilation and air flow.

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