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Dual Panel Wall System

  • Hides your wiring!
  • Quick and easy assembly saving you time and money!
  • Never needs painting!
  • No dents and dings!
  • No fading from UV light!

Tan Salon Walls for Atlanta, the Southeast & Other Cities across the Nation

Artisan Salon Interiors is a division of T&R Fixtures and produces tan salon walls for use in tanning salons in Atlanta and throughout the country. Whether you are a first-time tanning salon owner or have owned a salon for many years, the success of your business rests heavily on its physical layout. At a minimum, you need a space where customers can feel safe and comfortable, a sanctuary-like atmosphere that puts all who visit your salon at ease. Fortunately, to have a tanning salon that’s profitable, you don’t need to spend a fortune on all of your walls and fixtures. The tan salon walls available from Artisan Salon Interiors are durable, easy to clean, and convenient to install. Because the individual wall panels are only two feet wide, they can be configured and reconfigured depending on your needs.

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