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Dual Panel Wall System

  • Hides your wiring!
  • Quick and easy assembly saving you time and money!
  • Never needs painting!
  • No dents and dings!
  • No fading from UV light!

Modular Tanning Walls for Salons in Atlanta, the Southeast & Other U.S. Locations

At Artisan Salon Interiors, we design, build, and install modular tanning walls for salons in Atlanta and throughout the USA. We are a division of T & R Fixtures and therefore have the backing of one of the country’s most respected retail fixture companies. Our tanning walls are unique in that they are constructed out of 3/4-inch recycled melamine, a lightweight yet highly durable building material that is ideal for tanning salons, beauty parlors, and other similar applications. Whether you are a veteran of the tanning salon industry or opening your very first salon, you will want to make the most out of your available retail space. Modular tanning walls from Artisan Salon Interiors will enable you to do so as they are available in many different colors, heights, and configurations.

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